Privacy policy

The Ringbang project is an online platform designed to better express opinions and gather people's scattered votes and opinions about famous and influential people in the community.

Our goal is to show people's popularity and dislike score with people's vote on the performance of influential people in the world.

We are the innovator and founder of this platform. This project belongs to all the people around the world who are trying to make the world better through consensus and collective decisions, and we will bring the voices of people from the most remote areas of the world to the ears of influential people of the world.

Our project is planned and implemented with the goals of social impact and transfer of votes, opinions and voices of the general public to famous people, and it pays special attention to the environment and wildlife.

30% of the project's net income is dedicated to the environment and planting trees to reduce carbon emissions and provide animal habitat.

Our project has been launched and implemented with personal financing, and we need your cooperation and financial participation to advance the goals and plans of the project.

Our goal in the first stage is to collect and present the average public opinion about well-known figures around the world.

that people can talk about their desires and show the right way to influential people in their communities by encouraging good actions and condemning bad actions that can reduce possible obstacles in the future.

To follow this belief, we have created a free platform for all people around the world, which can be their voice for people who are able to make a change in society to meet the needs of the majority.

Our ultimate goal is to take steps to make the world a better place to live by making influential people in society (politicians, artists, scientists, business owners, athletes, etc.) aware of public needs and desires.

The tools and features available on our website are in their early stages. We have more ideas to improve this platform and make it more impactful, which are currently on hold due to financial constraints.

The entire budget of the project has been provided by the personal budget of the theorist and the current CEO. As before planned and due to the growth of the development team, this project requires your generous contribution to continue serving you.

This is not a business. We want to complete our human duty in the world and we are happy with this service and effort

Please refer to the links below if you would like to contribute to this project.