About us

The Rinbang project is a free platform to determine the opinions and demands of the public from the influential people of their communities.

Our focus is on collecting the votes and opinions of the public about the famous people of our communities in the form of a score for their performance and following up and delivering the voices and requests of the people.

Our goal is to influence society and help make the world better by voting and specifying people's wishes for influential people in the world.

Do the people of any society know what they want? What makes them happy or sad? Thus, votes are recorded. They can encourage or remind influential people, because they can show the right direction and manage the irreversible events of their society.

This project was launched in 2021 with the aim of creating a platform to encourage good people and punish bad people and to provide a free platform for voting.

The Rinbang project has set its goals with the aim of creating a safe, free, equal environment for all people of the world, without worrying about revealing the identity of people.

The Ringbang website is a comprehensive and specialized platform designed and implemented with the aim of collecting people's scattered opinions and wishes about influential people and conveying their voices and wishes to famous people in the world.

Personal and sensitive information of users (e-mail, phone number, IP) is private and we will never use it for commercial, advertising and sales to individuals, organizations, groups and countries. All users can act incognito on our platform. and use different facilities without worrying about disclosing their information.

We will not place any restrictions on any person, group, country, religion or gender. Thus, all users can use this site , for free and forever.

The purpose of this project is to gather votes and display a report of the average opinions of people around the world to people who know them.